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Velvety moisturizing lotion with hyaluronic acid and caviar extract

CellSkin Essence is the first step in your beauty routine. Light and non-sticky, it offers a silky and fresh touch. The skin is moisturized, soft and supple, ready to receive CELLSKIN’s skin care products. It has been formulated with 94% of natural ingredients.

– Prepares the skin to receive skin care products
– Hydrates and brings comfort to the skin
– Improves the skin’s texture

All skin types, recommended from age 30

Key Actives

Caviar extract
Rich in Vitamins A, C, B3, B2, B5, B6, B12, phospholipids, trace elements and amino acids, which are key nutrients for the skin
– Moisturizes
– Revitalizes the skin
– Improves skin elasticity
– Protects the skin from external aggressions

Hyaluronic acid*
Obtained by fermentation
– Moisturizes
– Improves skin texture
– Maintains the skin’s barrier function
– Prevents skin dryness (limits insensible water loss)

Peumus extract Boldus* extract
From the leaves of the Boldo tree, native to central Chile.
– Unifies and revives the radiance of the complexion
– Improves the appearance of pigmentation spots

Exopolysaccharide Marine*
Obtained by biotechnology from plankton collected in the Iroise Sea off the coast of Brittany in France. It is a high molecular weight molecule composed mainly of sugars.
– Fills in wrinkles and fine lines for an immediate effect (15 minutes)
– Tensor and smoothing effect

Application Tips

On clean skin in the morning and/or evening, soak a cotton pad with CELLSKIN essence or apply it directly to your face, neck and décolleté with the help of your fingers and massage until complete penetration.


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